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SAMToolUnlock Samsung USA and Japan Phone:T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint, AU KDDI, Docomo!

SAMTool Unlock SCV39

- Easy, Direct, Instant, Permanent Unlock Samsung Phone
- Permanent Unlock Samsung T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint, Verizion, TracFone And Japan: AU KDDI, Docomo,
- Only USB Cable Is Required For Unlock, No ROOT, No Knox Trip
-No Change IMEI, Keep Orignal IMEI After Unlocked
-Phones WARRANTY, USER-DATA, MEMORY Remains Untouched
-Supported Unlock All Samsung Phone Model Latest 2019: Samsung S10, Note9, Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, Note8,
-Works Instantly, Fast
-Fully Independent Server, Working 24/7
-Supports Latest 2017, 2018, 2019 Firmware Versions
-Supports All Android 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.1, Android 8.0, Android 9.0
-Supports Latest 2017, 2018, 2019 Security Patches
-API Access: Create Account, Add Credits (Instant)

#SAMTool Features:

# Download SAMTool:

# Supported Models:

Samsung USA: AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint

SM-G960U(Galaxy S9) Sprint/Boost 2 Credits
SM-G965U(Galaxy S9+) Sprint/Boost 2 Credits
SM-J727P(Galaxy J7 Perx) 1 Credit
SM-J327P(Galaxy J3 Emerge) 1 Credit
SM-G892U(Galaxy S8 Active T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprint,) 2 Credits
SM-G950U/U1(Galaxy S8 T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprin,) 2 Credits
SM-G955U/U1(Galaxy S8+ T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprint/) 2 Credits
SM-N950U/U1(Galaxy Note8 T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprint/) 2 Credits
SM-G360T(Galaxy Core Prime) 1 Credit
SM-G360T1(Galaxy Core Prime) 1 Credit
SM-G530T(Galaxy Grand Prime) 1 Credit
SM-G530T1(Galaxy Grand Prime) 1 Credit
SM-G930T(Galaxy S7 T-Mobile) 1 Credit
SM-G935T(Galaxy S7 edge T-Mobile) 1 Credit
SM-G930T1(Galaxy S7 MetroPCS) 1 Credit
SM-G935T1(Galaxy S7 edge MetroPCS) 1 Credit
SM-G930P(Galaxy S7 Sprint) 1 Credit
SM-G935P(Galaxy S7 edge Sprint) 1 Credit
SM-G930V(Galaxy S7 Verizon) 1 Credit
SM-G930VL(Galaxy S7 TracFone 1 Credit
SM-G935V(Galaxy S7 edge Verizon) 1 Credit
SM-N930T(Galaxy Note7 T-Mobile) 1 Credit
SM-N930T1(Galaxy Note7 MetroPCS) 1 Credit
SM-N930V(Galaxy Note7 Verizon) 1 Credit
SM-N930P(Galaxy Note7 Sprint) 1 Credit

Samsung Japan: AU, Docomo

SCV39(Galaxy S9+ AU KDDI) 20 Credits
SCV38(Galaxy S9 AU KDDI) 10 Credits
SC-03K(Galaxy S9+ Docomo) 20 Credits
SC-02K(Galaxy S9 Docomo) 10 Credits
SC-03J(Galaxy S8+ Docomo) 2 Credits
SC-02J(Galaxy S8 Docomo) 2 Credits
SC-02H(Galaxy S7 Edge Docomo) 1 Credit

Old Qualcomm Phones (Always 5 Credits)

SM-G920P(Galaxy S6 Sprint) 1 Credit
SM-G925P(Galaxy S6 edge Sprint) 1 Credit
SM-G928P(Galaxy S6 edge+ Sprint) 1 Credit
SM-N920P(Galaxy Note5 Sprint) 1 Credit

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