Delivery Time: 0-24 Hours

Things to know when you upload files:
We cannot cancel uploads
We cannot change the queue, first-in, first-served
We do not refund any credits in case; hash data is bad/incorrect or,

.bcl, .log, .sha, .fnx logs supported
-make sure you read log from working phone, valid simlock, imei not 12345..
-when read log, make sure phone has 15 digits nck, else calculation will be no result and no refund on 20 digits nck!
-dont send Telcel mexico logs
-log file MUST contain 15 digits IMEI

logs can be read many phones via usb, some only fbus
Infinity best, ATF, Fenix, Cyclone, MXKey latest v3.5 rev1.5, MT Box reads logs fine